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Star Plaza

Located in Corpus Christi, Star Orthodontics is one of the most successful orthodontic dental clinics in South Texas. This facility is comprised of a 12,000 square foot clinic, a 4,000 square foot second floor support space, and a 10,000 square foot separate tenant retail space. The clinic is among the largest in the nation with 21 dental chairs (13 dedicated to orthodontic follow ups, 3 to dental records, and 5 to treatment rooms). It incorporates cutting edge technology in treatment chairs, mobile cabinet units, and digital x-ray, lab, and sterilization equipment. CLK’s design responds to the client’s goal of maximizing time and resources by offering predictability in operational flow and equipment utilization. As a result, Star Orthodontics can take full advantage of staffing to meet a constant demanding workload. CLK directly coordinated with more than 10 consultants to generate a building that answers present and future client needs.

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Star Plaza reception desk
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